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Journey to Jakarta Podcast

· One min read

Discussion about the modernization of Jakarta EE applications from the older Java EE form, including backwards-compatibility as well as forwards-excitement about cool new developments like Microprofile. Guests:

  • Rudy De Busscher, product manager of Payara and EE contributor.
  • Josh Juneau, consultant and author of Jakarta EE Recipes.
  • Ivar Grimstad, Jakarta EE Advocate for the Eclipse Foundation.
  • Erik Costlow, Developer Relations for Contrast Security to secure Java/Jakarta EE applications.

Foojay Articles#

  • Is the Java/Jakarta EE Deployment Model Out of Date? (No.)
  • Is Java/Jakarta EE Cloud-Native? (Yes)
  • Why Java Developers Continue to Rely on Jakarta EE (Because standards make development easier)